The Argentina XI that didn’t go to Russia!

The Argentina XI that didn’t go to Russia!

Author: Andre Sooklal, Flow Sports Host, PERFORM Sports Media Correspondent, BA Sport Management

So in what was arguably the most chaotic campaign by Argentina in some time, the Albiceleste are now out of the World Cup. Let’s be honest not many people were surprised that this team is out, of course, the typical questions come up again for what is next for this team. However we covered this in another article, but what many people and particularly experts on this Argentina agree is that this was by far not the ideal lineup for this team. Here is a line up of players that Argentina had available but looked at the World Cup at home.


Of course, we have missed a few, but let’s be honest this team is definitely not a bad team and it presents the question that will drive many Argentina fans crazy. What if?

Author – Andre Sooklal

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