Sofascore joins forces with football legend Zico and unveils his Player of the Season award

Sofascore is proud to announce its new partnership with the legend of Brazilian football Zico.

The duo join forces on a project to highlight football’s ongoing pursuit of excellence with the newly redesigned Sofascore Player of the Season . The activities announced in this collaboration will serve to emphasize the importance of community support to foster young talent.

Football is more than just a game; It is a journey fueled by dreams and sustained by persistence. The Sofascore Player of award the Season reflects the effort that each player puts in to achieve their goals,” announced soccer legend Zico , adding: “ I am proud to partner with Sofascore to renovate a field at my academy, where the journey of the new generation of football stars will begin.”

The Sofascore Player of award the Season honors the consistent excellence and determination demonstrated throughout the entire season, spanning 50 leagues around the world. This award recognizes the constant effort and commitment that leads players to excel. The Sofascore rating, a globally acclaimed measure of player performance , captures this ongoing journey. The Sofascore algorithm simplifies overall player data into a definitive number, reflecting not only a player’s skill, but also his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Zlatko Hrkać , CEO of Sofascore , emphasized the responsibility of the global sports platform to pave the way for young players: “ This initiative goes beyond celebrating current stars; We want to inspire the footballers of the future. In sports, every effort brings you one step closer to realizing your own dreams. By partnering with Zico , a legend known for his perseverance and excellence, Sofascore aims to motivate young players, reinforcing the message that hard work and dedication will pave the way to success.” Hrkać added : “Traditionally, awards commemorated ephemeral moments of excellence. However, the Sofascore Player of the Season honors the consistent excellence and determination demonstrated throughout an entire season.”

Symbolic connection in the Player of trophy the season

Each Player of the Meticulously conceived Season incorporates a piece of this rejuvenated football pitch, symbolizing the roots of every football journey. This award connects 50 players from professional leagues around the world to their humble beginnings, serving as a reminder of the communities that supported them in their rise to greatness. The trophies are not only recognitions of individual achievement, but also tributes to the collective power of the community and perseverance.

Levi García’s great performance with AEK Athenas in the current season of the Greek league

In Greece, the football player Levi García stands out in the current season of the national league. He has scored 13 goals and 2 assists in 20 games, producing a goal every 78′. His great contributions to the team lead him to have a Sofascore rating of 7.40, making him a possible winner of a Sofascore award!

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