Author: Andre Sooklal, PERFORM Sports Media Correspondent

Are you a fan of FIFA? Chances are you may have played Leo Messi online and you didn’t know it! Let us be honest, FIFA is a cultural phenomenon. Online play is a huge craze for you play people all over the planet. One example is none other than the Argentina and Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi. 

“I love playing PlayStation online with people who don’t know who I am,”

“Of course I get angry when I lose but I just disconnect and that’s it.” -Lionel Messi       

These are the words spoken by none other than the Barcelona and Argentina superstar, Lionel Messi about playing FIFA online. It seems even the great Leo Messi is not immune to the trials and emotions of playing online. Here is our list of the TOP MOST ANNOYING TYPE OF FIFA PLAYERS!

The Replay Guy:

For all you FIFA players out there who have played online, you have all experienced this and if you are guilty of doing it…shame on you! We have all had that goal that has been scored against us and have to endure the frustration and agony of looking at the replay of the other player’s goal. His infinite class decides to let you sit through 3 long replays of the goal that was scored on you. The replay guy is the guy that gets some sort of sick pleasure out of letting the opposing player look on helplessly as you watch the goal in slow motion from three different angles. The replay guy is definitely that guy who makes you want to throw something at the TV!

Pointless Flashy Player:

Let’s be honest: deep down inside all gamers and football lovers alike, love that lovely dribble or skill move that leaves the opposition player rolling on the grass or on the floor wondering what happened. However, nothing is more infuriating when you decide that doing a rainbow or an unnecessary rainbow in your own half with no opposition player close to you is just ridiculous! This is the player that decides on dribbling in their own half and then they are usually the easiest guys to dispose of. These players that dribble against no one is something that needs to be addressed in the game. The desire to “Red Card” tackle these types of players become instantly more appealing.

The Boaster:

This is the FIFA player who decides that it is their duty to let people know how amazingly good they are. The boasting and banter is relentless. The boaster is the kind of player that loses 9 out of 10 times and the actual one time he/she has won, selectively only remembers that one time. Everyone who has played FIFA will definitely have a friend or person they know that does this. The selective memory when it comes to losses is quite pathetic and almost always, they erase all losses from memory. More often than not they are actually not that good at all (big surprise). One of their trademark traits is that they only play with 5 star teams and would never ever dare to play with a team with 4 stars or less. Losing to a 2 star team baffles them and they resort to conspiracy theories about the game having glitches. In some cases these players are in fact very good but are terrible losers, which leads us to the next type of player on our list!

The Rage Quitter:

There is a special place of hatred among FIFA gamers for this type of player. Everyone loses once in a while, however, this player decides he/she is not going to let it end. In a truly unforgivable, spineless act of cowardice, they decide to conveniently disconnect from the game. It is utterly infuriating when you are having the game of your life smashing someone 4-0 before half-time for it to be cruelly taken away from you with such a scornful act. Instead of showing some fortitude and courage, the player decides that quitting to try and deny you a crucial victory is the way to go. What makes matters worse is when the game decides that you do not get the three points or even worse you get a loss! Admittedly, measures have been put in place and this has improved but it is one of the most rage inducing acts in the history of the game. Many FIFA players have lost sleep over the vile gamers that do this! This type of player is responsible for many players wanting to throw their controllers at the screen in anger!

The Sore Loser:

Not to be mistaken for the Rage Quitter, the sore loser actually finishes the game. The sore loser has all the top 5 annoying qualities combined. If this player does in fact decide to finish the game, they take it upon themselves to now message you the most vile things: death threats, insults to your parents, accusing you of cheating and other pathetic verbal rants. Usually, they are really young kids who would probably get smack from their parents for talking like that in real life. They proceed to send you repeated messages or very large messages about how much they despise you. The concept of actually losing is alien to them and therefore cannot be processed. The sore loser brags, disconnects, taunts you with replays and skill moves throughout the game only to come crashing back down to earth when they lose. The sore loser will even go as far as asking you for a rematch and will attempt to play you until you “lose” and come up with every excuse in the book why they lost: the connection was terrible, the stats for the team you played with are unrealistic or go one step further by saying you were lucky. The Sore Loser is an unfortunately very common type of player and one every FIFA player has crossed paths with in his/her lifetime. Displaying acceptance of defeat is an alien concept to them and they are responsible for many headaches while playing . Players like these are often reported banned and then come back with another account just to harass you. Truly the worst of the worst!


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