Social Media and T&T Football – Where the ball dropped

Author : Sheldon Scipio, Director of Caribbean Business at Alobi, and Sports Trainer/Physio

Welcome to the modern world on Sports marketing. I spend lots of time on Social Media, I have used Social Media to market myself, and My company, between my pages and my personal page I have over 10,000 followers. What does local football have? Where is their footprint? Are they even interested in this free marketing tool?

In the modern age, I can find almost every Manchester United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG player on Social Media, usually run by the same people, the Clubs. How do I know, all the players of a Team, have the exact same posts, using the same words, happening a he same time, coincidence? This takes place anywhere there is organized sport. In addition players have family, friends, and their agents run Social Media pages for them. There are Official pages, non-official pages, fan pages. This surely gets the message out.

Why Social Media? The fan-base is youth, face facts that is where your fans are, I am 50 and I use Social Media. It creates a focused fan base. If I use TV, I have to hope I catch the message in-between all else that happens. On Social Media, everything I subscribe to is always waiting for me, either on my page feed, or in my messages, or I can simply go to the pages.

What do I get from Social Media? An up-close and personal view of my favorite club, player and league. This means I can see Iniesta and his family, Salah and his friends outside of football. Pogba talk about his life at home, CR7 explain himself in his own words etc, etc, etc. Where else can I see what they like to dress in, their cars, homes and family. This is how I come to identify with a player, coach or team, and this is what draws me in, gains my loyalty, and gets me to buy a jersey, put aside time to watch the games.

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This is what we have neglected in true T&T style of procrastinating, of refusing to spend and invest in ourselves and our product, yet wanting it to be successful. And this is cheap to start, a camera phone for interviews, give a couple of present fans to job. They would be ecstatic to work with their team, follow their team, and give their opinions. They would also ask the best questions, they know what they would love to hear as fans. So I encourage the T&T Football to understand the importance of this, and use it to reach the people you want as fans, where they are, and not where you think they should be, The customer is usually right is an old useful adage.

Author – Sheldon Scipio

Twitter – @pharoahson

Instagram – @andresooklal

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  • Posted April 28, 2018 12:50 am 0Likes
    by Sheldon Joseph

    Shellyjoe here this is so spot on and this information you shared not only opened my eyes on the shortcomings of not only the TTFA but other sporting bodies on the whole . Need a number for some personal advice on an upcoming project

    • Posted April 28, 2018 2:14 am 0Likes
      by Andre Sooklal

      Hey Sheldon

      Welcome to our Website!
      If you have any questions or inquiries you can message us here or
      email us at!

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