FIFA19 has been out for some time now and as requested EXTV will take a look at the top 5 Jamaicans in FIFA19.  Also please note that these rankings are not our own but the rankings based on each player’s overall ratings in the game itself. Also with the regularity of FIFA updates these rankings must be taken in context of the date it was uploaded and therefore it is possible these players ratings can be changed as a result.  So with that being said there thirty Reggae Boys in the game which is very impressive feat by itself and many of them in top teams! but unfortunately its a top 5 so let’s get into it!

MICHAEL HECTOR (Notable mention)

Michael Hector who is currently on loan at Sheffield United from Chelsea is a centre back who has an impressive overall rating of 72.  His defensive attributes are in at 71 but the subcategories are as follows: Interceptions 67, Heading 74, Marking 69, Standing Tackle 75, Sliding Tackle 67. The overall physical attributes 75 with the following sub-categories Jumping 71, Stamina 66, Strength 79, Aggression 79.

Kemar Lawrence

The New York Red bulls left back has an overall rating of 73. Nicknamed “The Taxi”. Of course, he is a left back so we will look at the respective traits such as Pace, defense, passing and dribbling. His overall pace is rated at a very high 87 with Acceleration at 88 and Sprint Speed at 87.  In Defense his overall rating is at 70 with interceptions at 69, heading 64, marking 69, Standing tackle 72, Sliding tackle 72. His overall Physical attributes are at 77 with Jumping and Stamina standing out at 81 and 83 respectively, Strength 73 and aggression 76.

 Adrian Mariappa

Another defender on makes the list and the Watford man comes in at an overall rating of 74. His Physical rating is at an overall rating of 69 with Jumping and strength at 72 and 78 respectively but stamina and aggression at a surprisingly low 61 and 69. His defense attributes are at an overall of 74 with Interceptions at 69, heading 77, marking 74, standing tackle 76 and sliding tackle at 77. His dribbling comes in at an overall total of 63 with balance, agility and composure at 74, 58 and 64.  His overall statistics may not be high but the traits that you associate for a center-back raise his overall rating.

 Wes Morgan

Yet another Centre-back! The Leicester City defender and Captain is definitely a well-known name among EPL fans and its no surprise he is on the top end of his nation’s players in FIFA 19.  He has won the Championship title with Leicester City and of course he famously won the English Premiere League title in the 2015-2016 season so I was very excited to look at his individual statistics!

Andre Blake

The Philadelphia Union man is special because he is a Goal Keeper in the top 5. Usually these rankings are dominated by attacking players and also outfield players. His diving is at a decent 78 but his handling, positioning and kicking are all in the 60’s at 69,67 and 69 respectively, which really is that great for a Goalkeeper. His reflexes is at a commendable 83 which helps boosts his overall ranking. Even though he is a decent value at 75 his specific goalkeeping attributes with the exception of the the reflexes is quite average. However being a goal keeper in the top 5 players is no easy feat in a FIFA game.

Leon Bailey

As stated before Leon Bailey makes the list with the highest overall ranking of 82.  A player who is controversial depending on who you ask and is looked at with caution at home because he has refused call ups to play for the Jamaican Senior team.  Many are concerned that is holding out to play for Germany or Belgium but according the game he is still Jamaican and the highest ranked in FIFA19. His pace is at an amazing 93 and combined with his dribbling at 85 he is without question the highest ranked Jamaican in the game. Weather the Bayer Leverkusen man eventually accepts the call for the Jamaican national team remains to be seen but despite his very divisive actions in real life he tops our list. Some may even argue he is not a “Reggae Boy” and they would not be entirely out of place saying that, but for not he makes the list.

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As stated before these are NOT EXTV’s rankings but the rankings based entirely on FIFA19’s overall ratings. We appreciated the feedback when we did the Top 5 Soca Warriors in FIFA18 and it was definitely a pleasure doing these. Are these player ratings accurate? Which Caribbean country in the Caribbean should we highlight next!

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