TOP 5 reasons to enter the Redbull Neymar Jr’s Five competition in Trinidad & Tobago 2019!

Fancy yourself a maestro in the 5 a side game?  Well, the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five, the world’s largest five-a-side competition, is back and it is taking place in Trinidad & Tobago! For those unfamiliar, Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five is the Brazilian star’s signature five-a-side tournament bringing players aged 16 to 25 from all over the world together. 2019 is the fourth version of the competition that features a unique format that rewards fun, fast-paced attacking football, with every goal, scored leading to the opposition losing a player. This is the perfect opportunity to play in a globally recognized tournament for footballers or “Sweaters”  or as we call them here “Sweaters.”  The chance to head to Brazil to face none other than the Brazilian star man himself Neymar for those who love this version of the game is a fantastic opportunity!

We are not going to bore you with a generic description of the event but simply highlight the top 5 reasons you and your crew should not miss out on this opportunity!

Men and women can play!

“I’m proud to announce that there’ll be women’s competitions in addition to the mixed tournament” – 

Neymar Jr

In an EXTV interview with one of the Trinidad & Tobago’s event organizers Kyle Lequay he was visibly excited to let us know of the inclusion of both men and women in this tournament.  Many women have voiced their concern of lack of opportunities to play and now they do.  Football is loved by all and the inclusion of this is a welcome addition to tournaments that are usually targetted in the Caribbean region towards men only.

5 qualification zones in Trinidad & Tobago!

According to information on the Red Bull’s website, last year there were more than 100,000 participants from 53 countries. This year the qualifiers are in 61 countries! one of which is Trinidad & Tobago.  To register qualify and play is definitely easy due to the nationwide nature of the qualifying locations. Spread throughout the island these qualifying locations are not limited to just North of the island which is usually where most tournaments are held often to the dismay of the rest of the island! You simply head over to the Red Bull website and follow the instructions and you are in!

Be seen! Globally!

Let’s be very honest here, we live in the era of social media! The game has changed and many of us who play this beautiful game we know and love are very proud of our skills, teams and achievements! We now live in a world where you can show off your skill for the world to see! This tournament gives the opportunity for those rural and community teams, academies that would not normally be seen, a chance to show off their skills to the Red Bull audiences around the world! With global coverage, it is definitely a wonderful way for players to show off what they are made of to the world!

The Unique format! – When you score the opposition loses a player!

The rules are definitely a welcome touch, the one that definitely stands out must be when you score the opposition loses a player. This rule increases the drama tenfold!  Make no mistake this is not your typical 5 a side tournament. So it’s five players on each team (no goalkeepers), but as stated before every time someone scores their opponents lose one player,  with the games lasting 10 insane minutes until either one team runs out of players or has more goals when the clock runs out.  In the event of a draw leads to a one versus one playoff situation to decide who wins!  Talk about intense!

The chance to meet Neymar Jr at the World finals!

This perhaps is the most obvious but definitely the worthy number 1 on this list,  you have a fighting chance to make it to the finals and meet and play against none other than Neymar Jr himself in Brazil! With the world watching you will be able to test yourself against the man who does not just have his name on the tournament but actually plays. He brings along many famous football friends as well! Who would have thought all those late night football sessions with your buddies would pay off? 

So there you have it folks! It is utterly pore rasing if you are a football fan to have such an opportunity. I wish such things existed when I was younger! For more information, EXTV’s Andre Sooklal chats with one of the event organizers Nikolai Solomon who breaks down the inspiration, rules and more for this wonderful event and also head over to the official website for the tournament here.


The Trinidad & Tobago qualifying locations:

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